bereft, bequoted, been judged out, would that be truth?

Vincent van Gogh: Kirschbaum. Frühjahr 1888, Ö...

Vincent van Gogh: Kirschbaum. Frühjahr 1888, Öl auf Leinwand, 72,4 x 53,3 cm, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Ittleson Jr. Fund, 1956), New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

bereft, and nature answered

….though seemingly we are just weak in answer, not subjected to the matter of just someone bereft of all his work, we can admit the understanding against true thieves and rubbers nothing helps, but like this which happened to me still keeps the onlook of the mystery to my understanding and is innocent in its character like a bad children’s game, I have just like my justifying the way I am treated down to poor man’s state ’cause history had no different way for me to go….

and then…in the first place, though one would nearly think so, we don’t live on Staten Island New York City USA, and in the second place we cannot give the replay of the show Vincent van Gogh once did for a public I wouldn’t like to be now my concern like it would then have been yours too, and then, adherative, I didn’t show but still from recent date so much interest in society’s rules and regularities that I would be here to blame a good Lord’s answer in what He might have had in mind to be the way I went…so let me say, I care about you all by telling not so much of any detail in the post I had to keep, making my researches in the way like anybody can conceal just for himself: as a deliberate choice in a freedom far too much to wear, a follow-up of days of ancient kings and queens queuing for getting their result, like anybody knows the passed away are not too much esteemed for being clean….

the sea – thalassa, thalassa…