those are but dreams, my dear, but dreams….


Corinth (Photo credit: photographical evidence)


….it must be seeing now and then, having the looks of that, I can go through the operation desert storm for what me is concerned, leaving the desert of my heart’s endeavours to the storms of my mind’s consorts…and who keeps the taste of the good word, in fall this functions better than in summertime, will think did heaven open then its gates and sent him down?

…it is poor me who answers on your questioning, a demand the more, and say to it: yes, have that, I came once down to earth from heaven’s answer in a time also in doubt and am for such things as well gifted as my nature is, and only those that are the truly faithful can agree to follow me and leave me to this heaven’s well conveyed decide: the coming down we did just once, and make yourself then just at ease with us, that’s all we wish and will be all we ask for, wearing no crown than cloudy nightcap and having no different place than just among the many, concealed like you are from history’s understanding times to be we’ll need you in another answer….

….Korinthos – ruins of agora..

…was it then in Korinthos we did once meet on the agora…I see you are becoming now interested, like the fame of Korinthos just shows in these hard days’ conveyances….we know a lot about, but even with no wink of my right eye I could then ever let the public know who I have been in that place now a ruin….and we know a lot about…and understand you in the way you cannot understand yourself…it must be the market will be opened to better treatment of the ships I did see landing down in the harbour of this city state once been..and should I still ask for permissions to understand it all from that point we now are chosen to and you can find?

…and for what’s more as a matter of this facts like Greeks of that time told each other to stay aware of kings and queens, those kings and queens did tell each other to keep aware of Greeks… feel no fears I would submit to times seductions or a purse demeanour of no value…we do already see horizons shining in our time which we all could never have expected…

chaste tree flowering…Greece

…it’s just fun for all those telling to the other side of their moonshined accounts: we have something of him, I can answer you with kind heart’s attention to the serious question of a free function in the web concerns: I do have also something just of you, and may I tell you then I am still grateful having not any coin, not even a obool or drachm, just my own purse content of some fancy being of no esteem into my house’ discussions, just lets agree I will pull down resisting nature for the answer of democracy, but rather I do doubt this is democracy at word…and I highlight the screens of heaven’s deciding on no good no deed no consort, I may ask you

: just let me to put it all in a right order to the state’s demands, we’ve time for that, we got the understanding needed, and after all life’s no bad choice to be respected and for a good deed‘s job too waited for…the pleasure then will be for me, the question leaving you….

….something of those goddesses and deities I must complain about with a smile of no imitated onlook: they do have children, do keep family, do show the sense for a tradition, and the man in this my story disappeared for rowing banks of ships or open fields of hunting, will be happy if they dream about their left behind concerns and meet naiads, nymphs, Erymii and the like, and do escape their treacherous double signs in just another sense for what it means to be, a truly free state of no state concern, a republic without laws, a kingdom seeing no people to be reigned…man as for my opinion did not change so much in two times thousand years, it has been his world to make the change, and we, we can just set out for chasing to the mid of that, like anybody knows you never find.