nature versus culture: we keep both in one answers consenting

…angelic Aphrodite statuette – terracotta
– Hellenistic – 3th century B.C.


….as well I am paying due attention to what in general is understood like belonging to nature, as for me not all nature is just from the natural source, there has been a time I’ve been most occupied with objects of culture, as well I see it that way a culture is the answer on the gifts of the nature it dwells in, and I just collected the web pictures of art….like I am I want to show some of my collected items, not meaning anything else than adding to the pleasure and the interested eye of the public, and I have been amazed by the many possibilities the web offered to upload and show what I collected…and herewith in this post I give a link to a showcase of Photobucket which goes back as far as may this year I guess and what’s in it I don’t know….

..the golden leaves of fall I met when walking with my doggy…

…and what I conclude is any representation of art or nature or what’s otherwise visible or good for the ears, or like I did in video movies, is different from the definition of the object of reflection itself, having nature neither art or any else object a defined status to represent something or someone, but just stay in themselves till we discover them….

….this theme of thinking is important for me, like I’ve been taught representation is too a topic in a political landscape, a cultural setting of what we mean with when speaking about power, having just the power of someone again that aspect to stay in itself like a presence, rather than a represence, but poor me, I never understood much more of the difference between this two sides of the aspect being than the excerpted difference of the names for that….what I think now, it’s just a guessing, this is the point I make me sometimes so much worries for and others with me or about my person….still it is strange to have felt challenged to show up somehow somewhere different than in my own rooms and then still never having had the chance to do so in a satisfying answer….I must conclude I am just not meant for being the authority of representing someone or something but in its essential changing in these days: the screenway display of the image and the text being sufficient to the needed facts…and I must say I have been thinking much a lot about the subject…to make me keep my silence now…like I do the democratic approach I would say on this point: find out your way you all yourself….

Pablo Picasso – self portrait as young man

Nature (Photo credit: @Doug88888)