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even the little raisin got it, so….


hey, master Jim, how squeezily you act, like we were following one the other and never ask me how or why but looking forward to meet the Scott is sweeter than the true report, I can’t tell I feel very pleased with the closed encounter of your tentacles but so it is, at least I’ll get tomorrow’s ink yet for free, so if you please like to set me free of all obligation to give you the sorry-of-the-worry I’m feeling free myself to deny a full reply for your unexpected leaving town after our great splendour in last dispute, I must say you me got ideas in to know you now better……


…but master Jim I want to ask you just the question all this meeting us is about: ‘how does it feel to be invisible?’, I can’t say me has felt this like the all right disguise for a poor student in art, you know, customers forgot the payments for the hamburgers I used to distribute at Burger King’s, so I have been fired for the job I had my daily beer distractions from and then, master Jim, one Guiness is becoming an expensive glass of stout, but when you think I’ve been discouraged for the yearly roundabout for the proff of Arts of Diplomacies, what ever will be that about but I’ll go for the exam in june, possibly my dear mother will judge I’ll need a breezing westwind from Landsend Cliffs by month of may, so much hope Whitehall cannot display me will ever send them my etchings book, they will by then get to make the puppet with the old name cross instead of the signatured document they asked my father for….

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Clemens M. M. wil een bestand met je delen op SkyDrive. Als je deze wilt bekijken, klik je op de onderstaande link.

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just a shell at Northsea sandy beach

shield of Fiesole

…..Like anyone differently looking at the screen display of armished Clement we can tell reader and follower the power of phantasy can be more disparatedly showing some nice detail qualities than ‘it’s just for the pleasure to keep the change’, but to tell in here this message he would like the return of the busses and trains with ‘the schoolgirls of the USA’ sounds at least not like much obviously the link he’s following himself, though to explain an entire country into the status of a museum set up would create a quarrel in the streets of Sienna, and that’s more like causing the results of debet credit balancing conti operativi for the bank I happen to favour, being the favor not even just for the time being but being that like this has always been my life values telling, and I can’t even make free my hands of my property displays, so I would say: believe me, sometimes it’s better to leave the main road and go the secundary, sometimes it’s seemingly wise to walk up the high pathway over the mountain flank, but never say never you once will save your role in the Samaritan parable and be the good man for the stumbled down anybody at the side of the main road through the fields on the slopes of this Evereste massive, and be so kind not to show up like just anyone else or somebody wiser than anyone else, but create the life of the poor man into a package on your saddle and bring him to the inn where you’re the knowledgeable guest, leaving the packaged anyone just like you once could be too in the caring hands of the inn tenant and his wife, leaving as well the once again restored purse of giving and getting, sameway leave your ambitions ever to become more wise, and then ride on feeling a freed again merchant, ‘cause so belongs to merchants customs to be good……

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