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het zou natuurlijk mooi zijn wanneer zijn engel Vincent de Clef ervan af kon brengen almaar over een zekere "ik" te schrijven, dat geeft maar onenigheden en verwarring en uiteindelijk vertelt toch iedereen dat zo'n ik niets voorstelt, hetgeen door de GGZ als zeer heilzaam wordt gezien. Clef denkt over zulke dingen anders, dat doet hij al erg lang...het is wellicht beter voor genodigden in de site te aanvaarden dat wij leven in een westerse samenleving waarin een goeddoortimmerd ego nog altijd op prijs wordt gesteld...ik geef toe, ik was wel eens wat door het lint, maar de weg kwijt?..../vermeldenswaard is nog dat er nooit een lege beurs is geweest op 5 2nd//wij doneren aan Nasa 1 ster en doen dat zo: |nu * || er moet meer gebruik worden gemaakt van het ster teken dan kunnen de mensen alvast wat aan zichzelf wennen.

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even the little raisin got it, so….


hey, master Jim, how squeezily you act, like we were following one the other and never ask me how or why but looking forward to meet the Scott is sweeter than the true report, I can’t tell I feel very pleased with the closed encounter of your tentacles but so it is, at least I’ll get tomorrow’s ink yet for free, so if you please like to set me free of all obligation to give you the sorry-of-the-worry I’m feeling free myself to deny a full reply for your unexpected leaving town after our great splendour in last dispute, I must say you me got ideas in to know you now better……


…but master Jim I want to ask you just the question all this meeting us is about: ‘how does it feel to be invisible?’, I can’t say me has felt this like the all right disguise for a poor student in art, you know, customers forgot the payments for the hamburgers I used to distribute at Burger King’s, so I have been fired for the job I had my daily beer distractions from and then, master Jim, one Guiness is becoming an expensive glass of stout, but when you think I’ve been discouraged for the yearly roundabout for the proff of Arts of Diplomacies, what ever will be that about but I’ll go for the exam in june, possibly my dear mother will judge I’ll need a breezing westwind from Landsend Cliffs by month of may, so much hope Whitehall cannot display me will ever send them my etchings book, they will by then get to make the puppet with the old name cross instead of the signatured document they asked my father for….

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just a shell at Northsea sandy beach

shield of Fiesole

…..Like anyone differently looking at the screen display of armished Clement we can tell reader and follower the power of phantasy can be more disparatedly showing some nice detail qualities than ‘it’s just for the pleasure to keep the change’, but to tell in here this message he would like the return of the busses and trains with ‘the schoolgirls of the USA’ sounds at least not like much obviously the link he’s following himself, though to explain an entire country into the status of a museum set up would create a quarrel in the streets of Sienna, and that’s more like causing the results of debet credit balancing conti operativi for the bank I happen to favour, being the favor not even just for the time being but being that like this has always been my life values telling, and I can’t even make free my hands of my property displays, so I would say: believe me, sometimes it’s better to leave the main road and go the secundary, sometimes it’s seemingly wise to walk up the high pathway over the mountain flank, but never say never you once will save your role in the Samaritan parable and be the good man for the stumbled down anybody at the side of the main road through the fields on the slopes of this Evereste massive, and be so kind not to show up like just anyone else or somebody wiser than anyone else, but create the life of the poor man into a package on your saddle and bring him to the inn where you’re the knowledgeable guest, leaving the packaged anyone just like you once could be too in the caring hands of the inn tenant and his wife, leaving as well the once again restored purse of giving and getting, sameway leave your ambitions ever to become more wise, and then ride on feeling a freed again merchant, ‘cause so belongs to merchants customs to be good……

rosa gallica aureliana

the Daily Mail reporting the Mall

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raindrops keep falling down

smoke gets in your eyes

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video movie channel

….in the world of errorizing contact prevailances it could be useful to understand the what’s about of different privacies and personages than just Western civilization shows, instructioning it is in the understanding covered the fading public commentary is too keeping up an allegiance to Western world acquaintances, though the son goes before the son’s slave mother and the daughter shall follow the son’s laborizing enterprizing commitments.

The public could entertain the screens by way of showing the results of all upmaking differences in the world of contacting behavior and relativity of relational capacities, being the empiriment’s slain turquoise the same like the Byzanz follow up of a metropolis situational kept in the squeeze of the turtle’s eyes, and I would like to serve the resultant in a soupée at midnight rather than in a heavy after dinner smoking the sigars…..

reporting thus: Clem Burr Home Cinema – Heemstede – Holland


acacia robinia ‘frisia’

.…in my country the acacia tree is not indigenous, but like anything and everything nearly imported and this tree of acacia is here from around 1620 on growing.

I give this information just to make my public think about the fact your country you just got out of the hands of the Great Distributer having divided the available lands his way. It possibly makes you to take your time and place bound experience you’ll certainly have or feel sometimes  more kind of free relation with this situation you share like member of the big family humanity is your being this or that one with the many other people there are, all seeing possibly their own point like the importance of their being, and I console myself by my information also this being concentrated too much on your  relative privileged world, anyone keeps some of that, in fact is organized by way of bigger organisations. It makes me feel less lonely with my strivings to change something in the point of change-resistent problems of our time. It makes to answer on the food problem in the world for instance to add to the economical insights on processes above personal or national control. Good work in the field is too done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Fund, for instance in what I mean. Bill and Melinda are active in many terrains and possibly they are in the need of some assistance, attention or support. We should meanwhile develop a creative insight in the subject the time now asks for the big and collective organization, but another time will ask for the more specific.

apple tree blossom – malus sylvestris fructuosis

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Check out this album on Photobucket!It gives base information about what man sets up and adds to creation like item of value and staying valued using object…

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Clem Burr wants to share an album

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Check out this album on Photobucket! …it is about everything growing, what starts in nature is tomorrows economy set-up…

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