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….then we say to each other: we thought he would…

Zuiderzeewerken – Herman Heuff – aquarel – 1932

…we like it so much to cheat our own eyes that we don’t see what’s reality….it would possibly too much to digest in one evening dinner to taste what’s new and true….a steak on a dish of gold we want, that’s why we do so…..like a child asking for a candy….

….reality of life is people think and rather should see on it they do, people who only say: we thought, do not seem to ever get lined up with a reality that would free them, fearing like they are for the freedom that would show their sad past of impoverished raw fish eaters and beer drinkers…and till the end they resist to face any truth about themselves but….that they are respectable en and women…beating up their children in the background of this kitchen floor and moving them to stay all night on the cold place behind their closed doors….would they ever listen their children would answer them  and spare them less than we do…a confrontation with the humbugged parrot feathers their fathers wearied is not excluded for a patriot to eternity’s promised land….though they’ll stay at the other side of the river making the boundary between desert and land….a tree will grow in the desert, but better he’ll do in the land…

dune – etching – Harting