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some fruits of the desert serve the table too…

SteelMaster Steel Fish Factory

SteelMaster Steel Fish Factory (Photo credit: SteelMaster Buildings)


video movie 2 = joyous account [draft]


…is it to our concern to care about the brothers of my friends it will not be my answer now to be the member of this consorts, but like we favour the concerts I must say the fame becomes too much for normal answering, forgetting about the details, looking away for the sharp eyes of critics not to my concern, I have seen them enough who come after the creativity to show their answer on the display any public shouldn’t want to have a filtering from, I just do my job, that’s now and any man’s concern, but to have felt hired in and been reproached for that, really, such an affair should we all throw over this shoulder at the right and let then do the dancing to the left leg, then the body can make the bows we all expect you put, on me the shade of such a destiny, I beg your answering, let it be, let it not be me, to look at with this telescope you have, I am just the good hearted wanderburschen I once started all this business with, and I put high weights to the memory I kept about…much will be revealed and much not said, and what rests is the heritage of heaven’s choice, I will be allocated or I will be not, I see your question and it is not apt to this I am to have my answers ready, though I cannot remember I worked in a fish factory I did the job in the blacksmith’s esteem, and got the sweat of that…



Pablo Picasso – portrait of a lady reading a letter



…we don’t need to fear for the sunshine, isn’t it true?

Attalus amictus

Attalus amictus (Photo credit: J. Coelho)


….and the lamps in the sky still burn, and the freedom of man is still consistent above the reckless answers of ignorance, it is much more I could tell on the point following the actuality of one of my concerns but I don’t do like such wouldn’t be expected neither wished for so eagerly, keeping my solutions in my wallet for a later date….it is no time to do a bombing, it is rather the right moment to gather what has been dispersed and to conceal life as it was has been a hurried up hardship to all of us…and any culture is not just about providing for solutions and making reference to traditions, a culture too preserves the energies for a change in people’s destiny, what’s more I don’t like violence myself so why would you in a shape of being ‘them’ again and fall down back yourself on buttocks which deserve a better place at this my table, la table d’hôte soit être accompli par des visages de nouveau, autrement dit: wir brauchen kein Tapetenwechsel aber Apfelstudel from our mother’s kitchen…..11134 567565  33243 ….it has not my consent to put a fire where it shall not belong, teasing down an old one smouldering lint and I just say: on an old bike you got to learn it but did you ever ask yourself for what?

…finally you get to love the streets…and the pitlids tell tyhe story of the starting point, it’s a startling view for citizens and countrymen to let their ears not be lended in not any way….

….I can just imagine every detail, such is my secret of the understanding I did get, though me sometimes too got no time to borrow all details for giving my blood to any banker’s holidays’ purpose, would this be true it wouldn’t be so far away, a concordance between two nations sent down from heavens deciding, but believe, it is still far me seems to establish yet a conference table in Jerusalem for all nations, which to my proposal will and should come once like the solution NYC cannot provide for them, believe me, the rage of Bernice and the questioning of Attalus are not over with just every time this perseverance like a white rat clicking for one solution for all and just no si solutions where are no problems, sometimes people do astonish by their denying the seriousness, but let not then your hearts become disturbed: I just prefer now to have my silence like my cupboard’s slap and the tea of that, where should that end again?

…and am I now a hawk or pigeon I don’t care, the trembling came when I did see those pigeons make their courtesies always in pairs….I, thank you, I set my bid on red this time…thank you, thank you, I cannot accept…..it is the answering we need and with you me I needed…

the pathway is narrow but like any road it has a start and too an ending spot…