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…don’t want to change the world, it’s your own!

….of all vain ideas man has the one to change the world is the most vain, sometimes something changes but whether such is by just man’s hand he never knows himself, and the actuality of the present gives in to just conclude the world is our own and ready to receive the light we expected for so long time…..who wants on such a moment to change the world can be with a good heart considered to have his mind on foolish action….

…what man cannot see is what awaits him, in near or farther away future, but what is the gift of the gods to man is he can have a good catch for the reality of the present, the actuality of his situation…..it is this actuality of the here and now, for everyone his own moment of being, cause of his being moved to action or passively awaiting, so this actuality now it is, which challenges to prepare for the light of eternity to find entrance…..this means just the action asked for is to change yourself, from a rather occupied person into the receptive one which shall be asked of you to be, not only to show….but take it easy, make a match of that with who you think you are…

….anyone, which keeps the right idea about himself, his occupations and all those he shares his life, his actions, his work, his musts, his to-do’s and not-to-do’s with, will ackowledge himself to be the world itself he was opting to change…..and selfrespect describes you recognize yourself just like one entire world to be…..all others also like their just self’s worlds having right on to be…..to make way those worlds are related, yes, that can become a motive for action, the social side of the world you are, and to get lined up yourself with all of them you can meet…..

…the secret of the story is, meeting anyone just like he is means two worlds of understanding meet each other, two precious lives, or three or more, and what rests of the experience the world you happen to be is enriched, falls satisfied asleep at the end of a whole day’s job, and dreams his world out in a night enlighted by the stars and the moon…..wanting to change this rhythm would be the same like wanting to replace day and night, sunrise and sunset, the way the lights at the sky have been once installed and as well earth down among them….the planet of hope for the gods of a future of fortunes and peace….

….it must be the world like an entire unity of the living of nature and culture would feel itself like displaced if we, just given man to that world, would want to change that like your just self’s world has too rights in the peace we will share, in an on before of eternity may be, like a result of fights and conflicts possibly, but as well like a peace eternity wants you to share in as a gift of the eternal hope light keeps in it to be received….as a touching of the heart of any source of rays…as a particles sender on holidays in a space which doesn’t belong to his sphere….as a shining in a darkness which once will have been a past to a present to come….one of these day you’ll see it all happen, if you only open you eyes, the windows for the light living in you…the source of our lives to be, with all like you, like us, the same….and eternity’s now is given in different way than the just-a-man’s present…

….finally we will think it is like nothing really changed, though everything did, and we ourselves, having got an answer…in a world not looking for any other…..