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acacia robinia ‘frisia’

.…in my country the acacia tree is not indigenous, but like anything and everything nearly imported and this tree of acacia is here from around 1620 on growing.

I give this information just to make my public think about the fact your country you just got out of the hands of the Great Distributer having divided the available lands his way. It possibly makes you to take your time and place bound experience you’ll certainly have or feel sometimes  more kind of free relation with this situation you share like member of the big family humanity is your being this or that one with the many other people there are, all seeing possibly their own point like the importance of their being, and I console myself by my information also this being concentrated too much on your  relative privileged world, anyone keeps some of that, in fact is organized by way of bigger organisations. It makes me feel less lonely with my strivings to change something in the point of change-resistent problems of our time. It makes to answer on the food problem in the world for instance to add to the economical insights on processes above personal or national control. Good work in the field is too done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Fund, for instance in what I mean. Bill and Melinda are active in many terrains and possibly they are in the need of some assistance, attention or support. We should meanwhile develop a creative insight in the subject the time now asks for the big and collective organization, but another time will ask for the more specific.

apple tree blossom – malus sylvestris fructuosis

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