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the assistant of heaven’s laundry spoke to us…’your washing’s ready’…

miraculous landing – Paul Klee – 1920
– mixed technique

….and this is the word of the laundry’s boss: go you and hurry up ’cause it’s closing time and controls are on their way, and save your souls, all my machines did work and I did do my best to get your washing at first all white, I suppose that’s what you’re coming for, you false kings and queens of a household you cannot even manage to do yourself, I’ll send my assistants to you to tell you what you shall do, what not, and rather not what you think of this laundry’s shopkeeper he has not more to do but pleasing you, I’ll get an evening of hard work in just another job, so hurry up you with your whitewashed laundry, only having come to prove my machines wouldn’t do like you are exigizing…it is as it is written: don’t ask a lord to the proof, he’ll not answer you but by turning you down to earth and the hard stones of the square this beautiful laundrette found shopping place to and he’ll hurt you by just your weights…and will pull you at your feet, ’cause it’s a kind man you meet, not your boss but the shopkeeper, and you are the customers to my laundrette’s purposes…to earn your money due to me for a good washing….not like you do taking it from the purse of the butler or the maid……..

….who wants to dry his washing too shall leave his laundry here untill tomorrow morning eight, you’ll be the first and for the drying up I only ask two coins of a shilling, those you even don’t have in your pockets feeling yourself too good for that, or fearing for the pickpocket customs of my assistant, we are sorry, any shopkeeper bears his cross and we don’t speak about facts of the past…my assistant got his own rights….and not, heavens forsake, your treachery tricks on him…I hear you whispering in your chairs: he’s a mafioso king in secret, but the boss asks you: what’s so wrong with sincerity and silence that you whisper….?

….so go now, we’ve done our business….

etching by Harting Haarlem