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the devil’s cross-fading island….just a bungalow along the road…..

…it is not for a long time this situation all around you all will stay……it is just I got this continent to make you share in, this oriental land which is no land….a kingdom having no prince, a desert storm seeing no desert…..a poor man’s graveyard for having no answer for time’s powers, a story about values, gold, silver industry, land, actually warming itself with coal fires and woodshrubs…..a fallen into pieces reign of an old time dream…

…..I got no words enough to answer the demands for details, but in my details the answers will be scarce to find, the onlook in a general view being the better upload for a challenging throne and a longing for ideal world of a renewing empire, which I so dearly need….so guess you all about what I speak and save your answering to my ears because me knows too what’s the way of that and willing to assist a people still in  doubts I did not make create..

…..understand me well, the poor just trust those which will not come to get the capitals of riches they did earn….it is just so, the era is over once not started with a dreadlocks and a hairtail….the red booklet stolen from my pocket set into the shelve … it is just the peace of a nation which is warranted and finds no guarantees in any related mirror but the Fontainebleau castles of latest view..

…..poor us, it is not my servant striving for the fame to set his feet on stairs where they would not belong, it’s up to those which made their jobs with knowledge, saved their screens for better games, and have the expertise to furnish us with proper informations…and wear their duly Colbert suits in good moods of their time…..my servants mostly are unseen by outer choice or better than a long haired answer on the search for a weekend spencer imitating those which are supposed to be in office times…

…and understand us well, ye all which have a heart inside the tin chest I did give you once, we’ve done our efforts with the book on hemlocks for this lost empire of dragoonlike drake and temporary feeling, seeing its lands do  keep inside an old but precious system of waterworks and irrigation channels, landscapes and yards and upgrown trees and vegetation very rare…kept promises for better futures once to come…

…..but and eilasie, the systems failed to come with us over  time been building the nations pride, before no one had ever found the answer for the lacking of….so please I beg you now, do serve me well and just forget about my angers past, the poor rocket’s devil serving me will care my words are just well kept and distributed, leaving to me not any complaint, no word, no question, than the just and righteous silence my endangered empire needs…..

…..the smile of oriental mystery, the earning of a guarantee to what’s the aim of this my being, to give you peace, to make my world at ease with me, to get the emballage of this time’s overnight party service all out of the living rooms and back to the stables…..for now I play Mah-yong….