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the change in sector seven meaning truth in sector ten

Maenad and two Satyrs

Maenad and two Satyrs (Photo credit: ForsterFoto)


Image  …it is my answer I am rather occupied with different things than all those you make worries in, and you, I give you after all, could take occasion to create just of the enterprise you exercised already for so many years a good time’s occupation of the like I have no time for, you know well….being it my destiny may be to have not any special tie nor aim, no reason to do anything but the good answers givin’ and to do what I do like the most: to formulate what you cannot, to give expression to the shows I’m in.


Meanwhile we can wait for any saying yes or no, we go on with our comprehensive catalogue of what we understood after a long time travel to the present of the day tonight, the coming back of what so true for any clerk of litterature, he writes alone, and has no shortage in his social life, together with my dog I will come home….


Image    its just good for any people to do sports, and like we understand the wage in temperate economy is in the back, the good being what we all know but seemingly I wouldn’t understand so well, it is dried up the well of Salmon, the well of Joseph and the pit of Sichem, and for upmost of my efforts it is to me but good…here we go again, we cry, and here I am will be, the so well understood system of a social life without complaints, will never end in sky’s onlookin’, the desert for a sturmy night, repeat of all what I did do in fowliedge and Bacchantic eye of evil, and we forget untill we have the truth and understand who moved us to this strange outlet of envied power not to see for ever any more….


….like we can trust our insight there is too the wisdom of man’s nature, too the wisdom of the gods, and to make for the match between them both will be too suddenly understood like challenging a Nobel prize he doesn’t want to get…..if you think I’ll ever make a peace you’re wrong, I distribute a swords design and antitanks in a papermoon bag of lavender with golden ribbons….the play is misfortunately harmless like the play of children, but miscalleneously serious for who joins the management of that love’s answerings…the details I will give when I have time…


….what’s more I cannot speak, tied like I am to thunderbird’s nails and chickenthief’s snail…with me just started something and I give it way, to be worked out in motivated answers….like you may understand: a pictures agent never is so talkative…I got my jobs again back from the battlefield of no one’s addict…